Hand Dipped Ice Cream. Sure to Put a Smile on Your Face!

When you come to our Ice Cream Parlor at The Peach Stand, we don't want you to rush in for your items and rush out...we love our customers!

We want you to stay a while and visit. That's where the ice cream comes in! Here at The Peach Stand we want you to leave with a smile...and ice cream makes everyone smile!

We proudly serve creamy and delicious Hershey's Premium Hand Dipped Ice Cream. So, when you're done shopping or done with your meal in our Restaurant, The Peach Stand Café, you can head over to our Ice Cream Parlor!

We serve 30+ varieties to choose from and even offer specialty items like hand-spun milkshakes, banana splits, and sundaes!

The Peach Stand