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Donation Requests

We are proud to be a part of our Fort Mill community and its surrounding area. We welcome community requests for donations and to help our giving have the most impact, we have included our guidelines below. We have two types of requests: gift baskets and gift certificates.


Guidelines for All Donations

  • Requests must be made by a 501(c)(3) organizations with proof of status or a school.

  • Requests are reviewed on a rolling basis and must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the event.

  • We do not provide cash donations, ads, t-shirt sponsorships, or any other non-Peach Stand product donations.

  • We prefer that donations will benefit the group financially. We do not donate items solely for decorating.

  • Please limit requests to one request per organization per year. Individual classrooms are not eligible, but request may be made by the school.

  • All donations must be picked up at The Peach Stand. We will not deliver donations.

  • Donation requests will not be taken in-person or over the phone. All donation requests must be submitted via email or sent to our store through the mail for consideration.

  • Keep in mind that while we evaluate each donation independently, due to the large number of requests, most donations carry no more than a $25 value. Unfortunately, not all requests can be fulfilled, and decisions will be left to the discretion of The Peach Stand management team. Past support of an organization does not guarantee future support.

Donation Request Form

Please allow up to 7 days for a response.

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